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Access Control
Clossed Circuit Video

Commercial Electronic Access Control

Electronic access control technology is ideal for permitting and restricting access to your corporate facility or secured areas within the facility. In addition to being easy to use, electronic access control systems are highly sophisticated and can be integrated into a number of other security solutions, such as digital CCTV, for maximum effectiveness. At Supreme Security, we offer the most advanced, scaleable solutions that can control access to either one door or hundreds of doors for thousands of card holders.

You can choose to implement the technology on your own premises, as part of your overall security strategy, or enlist Supreme’s services to house and manage the system for you at our own state-of-the-art facility. Whatever you decide, we’ll partner with you every step of the way to ensure you derive the maximum benefit and value from your electronic access control solution.


  • Control access to facility or secured areas
  • Authorize card or keyholders and record entry and exit times
  • Enhance security with individual access controls
  • Provides auxiliary security in addition to video surveillance or security guards
Proximity Card Readers
For entry access by personal card through or near an electronic reader.
Photo ID Systems
Integration of high-quality photos on access cards for enhanced security.
PC Management
PC-based access control system software for management and administration of access systems.
Remote Management
Remote management and administration of your access control system through Supreme Security.

Commercial Closed Circuit Video

Supreme Security Systems offers the most advanced Closed Circuit Video (CCTV) solutions on the market today from industry-leading manufacturers. Whether you’re looking to safeguard the exterior of your facility or secure high-traffic areas in your building, such as your lobby or shipping/receiving dock, we can customize your CCTV video surveillance solution to meet your precise needs and requirements.

As your organization and security environment grows, our CCTV solutions grow with you and can be integrated with a number of advanced systems—such as access control or intrusion detection—for maximum effectiveness and security. From a single camera to hundreds of cameras, Supreme Security will help assess your needs and architect a system that will keep your employees and your property safe and secure.

  • Enhance security with visual identification
  • Detect and record exits, entry and use of facility
  • Protect and safeguard people and property
  • Deter criminal activity
Digital Recording
Digital Video Recorders (DVR) provide superior video quality, real-time recording across multiple sites, remote monitoring, quick retrieval of video data, simultaneous recording and playback, and unattended archiving as well as seamless integration.
Remote Monitoring
Advanced remote monitoring enables off-site management and surveillance of your facility.
Interior and Exterior
A broad variety of interior and exterior cameras are available for discreet or prominent placement in the appropriate environment.
Dome / Matrix Systems
Dome security cameras for covert and special applications security with full 360 degree views. Computer-controlled matrix systems to view up to 960 cameras on 128 monitors.
Covert & Special Applications
Supreme Security can customize a discreet security or surveillance system leveraging the latest technological advances in camera technology.